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privacy guidelines

property listed on the propertrack.com portal is intended for your personal use only and for you as a community member to select a possible property you may intend to purchase in the near future

the following privacy guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of our community as well as when planning to view any property you're interested in. Don't forget, your use of the propertrack.com portal is subject to our copyright policy, community members privacy policy and terms of use

to do list

do respect all property when viewing

we're displaying a collective of a broad range of properties types whose owners are from a diverse  range of cultural backgrounds all of whom have their own uniqueness and individuality. The owner of the property may not have prepared what you need, show what you want to see or say what you want to hear

so, be respectful of their home and privacy when you’re viewing their property

do view any property only if you're really interested

share with your other half your shortlisted property first (show them your selected property brochures) prior to making an appointment to view the property

do bring any necessary people who have the decision power

it is important to seek a second opinion, your desirable choice might not suit his or her needs. (eg. your father, your mother, your husband or even your husband or wife to be)

do respect the taste of the owner

don't get too excited, this means don't shoot photographs or take video clips if you feel their property is so wonderful as we encourage you to embrace the ambiance they have created to welcome you into their property

do download brochures if necessary

do download brochures when you're interested in any property however don’t download all the property brochures listed on the propertrack.com portal (we do keep a track of your download behaviour)

if you've seen property which your friends might be interested in, send them the property brief using the 'share with your friend' feature, they may even find another property on the propertrack.com portal which may even better suit their budget or requirements

if you're not making any decision yet and are purely just browsing, do mark any property as a favourite

do be included on the prospect list if you're really interested

every property listed here is genuinely open for sale and are individual properties represented by a SOLE licensed real estate agency firm.

if you're interested to arrange an appointment to view a specific property, do mark "Include me in the prospect list and pass my contact details to the respective real estate agency firm" when you're planning to download one or more property brochures.

do use us (all the time)!

We appreciate and are thankful for your support and hope a journey to our place will bring another smile to your face

not to do list

most of us here are the lovers of democracy, so we don't like to practice a veto power. However citing the normal behaviour of the majority, a few people like to play games; these subsequent violations can result in your account termination without prior warning

don’t share your account login detail

if we see and find your login detail has been abused either by yourself or some other party, your account (s) may be suspended at any time

don’t keep downloading the same property brochure again and again

save the earth; don't waste unnecessary energy; do keep downloaded property brochures in a proper folder and store them for your ease of reference

any account caught to abuse the portal facilities may be suspended

don’t use the property brochures for any commercial gain

propertrack.com's property brochures are for your personal use only

if we find you trading, selling or soliciting the property using the property brochures, we’ll remove your account and send you a legal letter. We've a strong legal team. If we find you doing it, we’ll terminate your account indefinitely. However, if you have other questions about the commercial use of propertrack.com, please feel free to contact us

don’t be clever trying to steal anything when you're viewing a property

if we find you doing that and have received a complaint from the property owner, your account will be deleted and we'll take appropriate action, which may include reporting you to the authorities

don't be a clown!

propertrack.com is not a place for you to express your dissatisfaction to include abuse, intolerance, impersonation and or intimidation of the property owner and or others

if we receive a valid complaint about your behaviour and action, we may surrender your account information to the authorities

and don’t be a stalker either!

you don't need to be that kind of person, constantly viewing the property when you've the permission of the owner’s appointed SOLE licensed real estate agency firm

other thing to keep in mind

property which does not relate to you, directly or indirectly

you will see all kinds of property here at propertrack.com, some of which may offend you, your belief, your relationship or even your stance. If you're facing that kind of situation, you may click away from that property at anytime or if you think there's a need for any course of action, you can report to us here

wise word

although we're making it fun for you to understand these guidelines to ensure everyone within this community has what they want, we’re all in this together. It’s important everyone understands and respects all our community members as well as is responsible for their behaviour.

if you feel you can't abide by our privacy guidelines as outlined above, we have only one word or advice; 'do unto others as you would like done to yourself”. If you would like to send us any questions or comments, we would be delighted to hear from you, drop us a line!

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