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in such, every man or woman needs to be loved... and similar to the cliche storylines of many popular TV sitcoms...once they are in love, tracking their partner is what they do next... that's how I evolved this concept.... beautiful but amusing.

On the eve of Merdeka last year, it all began with one 'mat saleh' (a malay colloquialism for a caucasian man) wandering around the KLCC area in search of his partner, a malay woman.

We stop him to ask, 'you looking for what?', he replied; 'Cik ...'. We are all smiling and loudly laugh inside over his scottish accent to begin with but when we began to consider his struggle to find her, it all seems to make perfect sense with what we were discussing earlier.

Finding anything out of context is little like try to find 'hydrogen' in the thin of air. Hard to find however with the right mix, you can see it as heavy rain even in a flash flood in Kuala Lumpur. -:)

(Oh, I forgot to mention) When he caught my eye, I was at a coffee shop deep in discussion about my new home with a group of friends. One of the friends kept arguing his primary focus when looking for a new property was LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION.

What an annoying answer... as if I didn't know that. I wanted to put my coffee mug inside his mouth!

I take a stance... As if I didn't know what or where 'Bukit Ceylon' is or worse still, 'Bukit Jelutong'. How would I know if that was the right location to buy my new home?

Is there any place I could go to for direction?

Would my new home be near to any public TRANSPORTION system such as the STAR LRT? Would there be any RETAIL outlets nearby such as IKEA, TESCO or JUSCO? Would the area be ACCESSIBLE via any major highway like the LDP, KESAS or SPRINT ... or perhaps would there be any CONVENIENT ammenities within walking distance such as a school, a market or even a mosque. It would be a greater plus point if it were in close proximately to a KEY LANDMARK such as Putrajaya or KLCC.

I began to wonder which proper T, R, A, C, or K, to which I should refer...

Then, a lady friend from across the table said... take look at this web portal or newspaper (whilst my 'eyes' were nearly blinded by a shooting 'star' in the sky.. however it was merely firework... one of the many one minute wonders of the world) so I turn to my laptop and grab a free newpaper from the stand.

What did I get... 5 pages full of match box sized ads each with so very-very-very (I stuttered 3 times expressing my intense frustration) little and vague information and on the web portal, it only mentioned properties for which I would have to wait for another 600 days before I could move in and with no guarantee if it would ever be delivered.

She smiled sarcastically and said, 'So you're the BLUE EYED MAN who is looking for his CIK... maybe you should guide him'.

It was then a seed was sewn and became the beginning of everything... at last, I've found my 'CIK'.

After you've read this maybe you'll have a proper way to track your 'CIK' and will not be lost like I was... my vision at last has now been realised in what you will have here at propertrack.com.

To all consumers out there... you're the king. Consumer Is King. You're my CIK.

Kuala Lumpur, the 8th day of Jan '08

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